Coyote Pride Youth Mentoring Program

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What is Coyote Pride Youth Mentoring Program?

Coyote Pride is a free in-school program for Indigenous and non-indigenous youth who have the willingness to learn about the Indigenous culture and teachings.

The children and youth will participate in Indigenous cultural activities, teachings, and ceremonies with mentors provided by Coyote Pride. The focus within this program, is to share teachings of our culture, teach the histories of our people, and speak the truths of the Residential Schools, the true effects of intergenerational trauma, and the importance and impact of Reconciliation from the First Peoples perspective.

The primary goal of our program is to promote healthy cultural development of children and youth.

  • Mentors and children meet once a week
  • Group setting over the lunch hour at our partnering schools.
  • Our mentors will encourage a healthy lifestyle, support them in achieving their educational goals and guide them in learning how to be proud of who they are, as Indigenous People.

How does Coyote Pride work?

Coyote Pride Youth Mentoring Program recruits volunteer mentors through a screening process.

Mentors and Mentees meet once a week for one hour over the school lunch hour to bond with the youth.

We are presently partnering with the following Edmonton Public Schools:

  • Prince Charles School
  • Brightview School
  • Alex Janvier School
  • Ivor Dent School
  • Lauderdale School
  • Dovercourt School
  • Athlone School
  • Kirkness School
  • Inglewood School

Why is Mentoring our Youth so important?

The concept of mentoring, preserves a way of life based on spirituality, sacredness, reciprocity, education and social responsibility by helping integrate cultural factors that preserve and protect the health and well-being of the young.

Mentoring is a primary intervention to prevent or address many of the problems that youth face today. By supporting and redirecting young people, mentoring focuses attention on successful behaviours and encourages the attainment of potential, provides direct assistance to young people, promotes school achievement and helps youth avoid violence and abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Group mentoring can be a particularly effective model for Indigenous youth because groups are so fundamental to Indigenous culture.

To apply, please submit the application form and our team will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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