Kinship & Foster Care

Nitotemak started in October of 1998 with Foster Care and began Kinship Care in April of 2012. We support Kinship caregivers and our Foster homes within our program. Our children are referred to Kinship through the Kahkiyaw program and in the Foster care program, children are referred by the Placement Coordination unit through Children Services

Our goal is that “Every child is safe and every child will demonstrate growth and development.”

The children are at the centre of our practice so we strive to build on the strengths of the families that we serve.

  • We assist our caregivers through the kinship journey right up until permanency is reached or until reunification with bio-parents can take place.
  • We support our families by providing on-going supports which include:
    • Monthy home visits
    • 24/7 on call support when needed
    • Financial supports
    • Building on natural supports
    • Any other resources that caregivers may need
    • We support the cultural identity of every child in our program. We are focused on family find and connecting our Indigenous children to their communities.
    • Preserve Family
    • Strengths-based
    • Connection, Collaboration and Continuous Improvement.

As Kinship continues to grow, so does our practice as we collaborate with Children’s Services and Kahkiyaw to ensure the best possible supports for the people we serve.

We work collaboratively with Children’s Services.

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