Kokomish House

Group Care Home

Kokomish House came about in October of 1996 to assist youth transition into independent living. “Kokomish” means “grandmother” in the Indigenous Ojibwe language. We provide service to youth aged 12 – 18, who have status under Children’s Services. Our home can lodge long-term, short-term and emergency care placement. We are licensed to accommodate 6 residents, 4 females and 2 males. Our program uses a harm reduction approach and trauma informed framework practices that promote a culture of safety, empowerment and healing.

Upon moving into Kokomish House, youth will be given an orientation to the home. There will be a routine in the house that includes many areas such as meals, curfews and day programming. Residents are expected to attend school, have fulltime employment or be in an alternative day program. Our staff and Daytime Programmer can assist in funding appropriate programming to meet individual needs such as:

  • Education: We will explore ways for you to connect to a program within the community
  • Employment: We can explore programs out there that teach employment and life skills for young people
  • Health Clinic: We connect youth to public health services who need access to health information
  • Addiction & Mental Health: We connect youth to community clinics and crisis services

While the staff of Kokomish House are the main supports, our goal is to connect youth with all the resources that already exist so that residents can get maximum benefits during their transition.

Practice Ceremony/Cultural Supports 

Kokomish operates under the teaching of traditional Indigenous peoples and our hope is to introduce or reconnect the young people with their culture and traditions. 

Our home provides:

  • An onsite Cultural Connector
  • Access to Elders
  • Referrals for Indigenous youth workers
  • A cultural room and smudging corner
  • In house teachings and practice of traditional protocols
  • Community access to participate in Cultural events and Ceremony
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