Warriors Way

Child and Youth Prevention and Community Reintegration Program

Warriors Way provides intervention and community reintegration services to Urban Indigenous Peoples and Ethno Cultural residents of Edmonton. Our project provides 2 streams of services one that provides prevention and intervention services to BIPOC youth ages 9-29 who are involved with the criminal justice system and the other stream provides community reintegration to 18+ BIPOC men who are being released from incarceration.

Assertive Outreach & Community Support

  • This support is ongoing from the initial contact to the transition to independence and can consist of afternoon and evening work. 
  • Once the participant has followed through with their stability plan, we can continue to provide support in developing individualized goal plans as identified by the client to address crisis mitigation, recreational activities, cultural connection, addiction/recovery support, and supporting the participants in developing healthier evening habits. 
  • Outreach support will include daily check-ins to ensure the participants are feeling supported and to provide guidance in daily challenges and struggles. 


  • Youth ages 9-14
  • Work in schools
  • Provide community supports
  • Work with parent in addressing youth/child’s behavior
  • Provide clinical supports and services
  • Provide connection to cultural support
  • Goal is to support the parents in stabilization and return to school


  • Youth ages 15-29
  • Work in community
  • Provide community supports
  • Provide access to programming
  • Provide access to clinical supports and services
  • Provide access to cultural supports and services
  • Goal of employment and/or return to school

Programming & Employment

  • During this phase, participants will complete life skill and employment skill development modules, attend therapy sessions, and if deemed ready they will participate in appropriate job shadow opportunities. 
  • The employment skills development goals can include resume building, interview techniques, work experience placements, and module-based employment skill development. 
  • Life skills development goals can include ongoing counselling and addictions support; module-based life skill development 
  • An individualized program can include alternating 1-week module programming and 1-week job shadow, this will be dependent on community safety and with input from EPS.We continue to support the client for up to one year. 

Community Reintegration

  • Initial contact will focus on supporting the participant instability – this is defined in terms of housing, mental health, addictions, advocacy and connection to Indigenous community and culture. 
  • We will engage participants while they are still incarcerated or if the participants are already living in the community. 
  • We can support the participant in accessing short term or long-term housing that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. 
  • We will assist the participant in identifying natural and existing supports who will help with stability as part of the release planning. 
  • We will support the participant in developing individualized stability plans to address personal challenges and employment. 
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