Orenda House

Sober Living Housing

Orenda House is a safe supported sober living environment for low income youth, adults, and families who struggle with maintaining housing. 

To maintain a safe, supportive, and sober environment, all tenants must abide by the house rules. The Resident Manager (RM) lives on site and is required to conduct random apartment inspections, report all activity, and maintain the cleanliness of the common area and the yard. 

Orenda House is equipped with security cameras for front and back entrances with all footage recorded and viewed. Free laundry facilities, and a deck with a BBQ available for tenant use. 

Orenda is your home and as such we hope you will participate in keeping it clean and safe. We encourage you to report any concerns you may have as well as incidents you have witnessed that are in violation of the house rules. All reported incidents are strictly confidential and will not be shared with other tenants. 

  • We are an Alcohol and Drug free environment
  • Guests are not allowed in the building after 11:00pm – The RM must be notified of all overnight guests
  • Your guests are your responsibility and as such you are responsible to ensure they respect Orenda House rules
  • The laundry facility is on a scheduled basis
  • Apartment inspections are mandatory
  • Notice to add an applicant – please be advised all applicants must submit their own application. This does not guarantee their acceptance
  • 3rd party payment where applicable
  • We do not tolerate violence. In the event of violence, we will contact the police and when required for the safety of the children, Children Services Crisis Line. All offenders will be banned from Orenda House
  • Tenant meetings are mandatory
  • All tenants are expected to participate in meaningful daily activities after the first month of tenancy

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If you have a partner who will be moving in with you, please have them fill out a separate application




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The following information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with the "FOIP" Act (Freedom of Information and Privacy Act) and only the Bent Arrow Staff associated with th eprogram will have access to your information. PLEASE NOTE: The information you share will not determine your tenancy. Instead, it assists us in supporting you to the best of our ability.


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