Kikosewin Early Childhood Programs

All programming is Virtual 

Programs for Early Childhood Development

For caregiver and their children to participate together

 Family Night

A weekly recreational opportunity for all members of the family to spend quality time together, no matter how busy their schedules may be. All adult caregivers and children are welcome to participate in pre-planned games, activities, crafts and a whole lot of FUN!!  Tuesday Evenings. Dates are subject to change. See Calendar below. Register online today. 

Debra’s Corner

Livestreamed on Facebook every Wednesday, Debra’s Corner is here to make this quarantine a little easier and a whole lot of fun for you and your child!! Watch this live for some interactive and educational activities that enhance important skills such as problem solving, motor skills, decision making and novel play. All activities are cost-effective and completed with materials that are easy to find at home.  Wednesdays on Facebook. 

Storytelling and Journey through Painting

For caregivers and children to learn painting techniques while listening to storytelling together. In collaboration with Anthony Gladue, the Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin (I Am A Kind Man) Coordinator and Health sector manager at Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre. Thursday afternoons. Registration Required.

Tween Program

Fun and interactive programming for young adolescents aged 9-12 years old. Hosted in collaboration with the Kikosewin Youth Program. Twice a month programs are offered for tweens. Join us for fun and learning with recreational activities and Indigenous teachings. Thursday afternoons.

E.C.D. Workshops

For parents with children 1-6 years old

 ECD Workshops

Our ECD workshops include a variety of interactive programming to foster collaboration between parents and children and inspire them to use their imagination and creativity, all while sitting comfortably at home! Our programs are focused on developing fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, communication, and social/emotional abilities in a COVID safe virtual environment. Featuring:

  • Lil Chefs: Caregivers and children learn child friendly, easy to learn recipes
  • Lil Bulbs: A science program with weekly experiments and activities
  • Looseparts: Teaching children the value of imagination & how to utilize household items as play tools
  • Full STEAM ahead: Children learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

   Dates are subject to change. See Calendar. Register online today.