Kikosewin Programs for Parents

All programming is Virtual 

Programs for Parenting

Certificate Programs


Early Connections

Not sure what your baby needs? Frustrated by your toddlers tantrums? Wish there was less yelling and more fun at home? 

Join Early Connections to learn more about raising little ones and how to making parenting a little easier. Currently on hold

Triple P: Positive Parenting Group

A parenting program to help foster healthy family relationships by empowering parents with tools and strategies to encourage appropriate behavior in their children. Currently on hold.

Family Support Programs


Dad’s Group

A weekly support group for male caregivers that provides a safe and equal space to learn how having compassion and forgiveness begins within ourselves. As we continue to move forward in our own healing journeys as fathers, we will have access to the gifts we were meant to bring to the world and our families.  Tuesday Evenings. Dates are subject to change. See Calendar. Register online today. 

Mentoring for Men

A weekly group for all males, not specific to caregivers, that focuses on the importance of connection. Connection to themselves, to others, to the land and to the community. A safe space for healing, connection and growth. Thursday afternoons. Dates are subject to change. See Calendar. Register online.

Care N’ Create Fest

A program for caregivers with children 0-17 years old. An interactive online experience for those looking to learn, connect, and create. From conversation cafe’s, to creative projects, to guest speakers, this program is dynamic to fit all your creative needs. Currently on hold