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How did you hear about this program?
We DO NOT provide a living allowance. Will you need help with finding financial assistance if accepted?
Are you of Indigenous decent?
If yes, are you:
If no, are you open to learning about Indigenous Culture?
Do you have a valid driver's license?
If yes, do you have a reliable, registered, insured vehicle to drive to work?
Do you have any valid safety tickets? (if so, please provide us with a copy of your tickets):
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Do you plan on returning to School?
Many companies require employees to be tested for drug and alcohol use; Would this be a concern?
Are you in good physical condition?
Are you able to lift 50lbs?
Are you able to stand for 8-12 hour shifts?
Are you able to work out of town?
Do you suffer from mental health illnesses?
Any upcoming surgeries?
Do you have any ongoing medical treatments?
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Marital Status

Tell us about your last job

Start date - End date
Example: no driver's license, criminal record, lack of child care, etc
Do you give consent for JTS staff to check your information on the Government Mobius data base?
In order to advocate and offer the best support for our students, it is necessary for the staff of the JTS program to have your consent to gain general information about you. Due to policies from other agencies such as AB Health, AB works, Children's Services, Daycare Subsidy, AB Human Resources, Bent Arrow workers and employers, it is sometimes necessary that we forward a student's 'signed authorization form' to the agency we need information from. PLEASE NOTE: we will be conducting a MOBIUS (Gov. of AB) database search to ensure that you meet the program eligibility requirements and that you are NOT currently involved with any other employment or training program. WE MAY BE IN CONTACT WITH YOUR INCOME SUPPORT WORKER FOR FOLLOW-UP PURPOSES AND TO UPDATE AND REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS. All of this information will be strictly confidential during your involvement with the program and will only be shared with government agencies and band offices for funding, confirmation of enrollment and follow-up purposes. Only the JTS program staff and the involved parties will have access to the information collected during the duration of our service delivery. All information collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Alberta (FOIP), will be used for the purpose of service assessment and delivery of services. By choosing the yes box, you understand the conditions outlined above and all questions have been answered correctly. Furthermore, you understand that this consent remains in effect for the duration of services up to the 180 day follow-up period.

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