Programs for the whole Family

Kikosewin’s Hub offers an array of services, supports and programming that supports children, youth and families aligning in three core areas:

  • Child Development and Well-being
  • Caregiver Capacity Building (by creating parenting opportunities and experiences to strengthen parenting abilities)
  • Social connections and supports
The Hub offers 6 services: Family Resource Centre, Home Visitation, Engagement and support for Fathers, Relentless Connectors, Youth Services and Virtual Programming. 

Working with Central Neighbourhood Centre for Childen, Youth, and Families (NCCYF), Kahkiyaw staff administer Family Wellness Services such as: cultural connection, supported access, sharing circles, family group conferences, family wellness plans, strength-based family assessments, referrals to community resources, advocacy, and kinship support. Family Wellness Workers are assigned to a family to work on specific needs of each child, youth or family in need. 


We want to thank all of those Funders, Staff and the families we have served over the years for your support with the following programs:

The Aboriginal Parent Link Centre, Earthwalk Indigenous Parent Link Centre, Healthy Families, Whitecloud Head Start and Community Parents.

As of April 2020, those programs no longer exist. We working diligently to create our new Family Resource Network Hub so that we can continue to assist and support families.