Practice as Ceremony is a teaching based on natural laws and traditional ways of practice that are implemented in the work we can do with our families.

In this video, Elder Rose Wabasca explains the traditional roles of women. For hundreds of years, the role of women included : -Setting up Tipis -Teaching the children -Ceremonies and more Rose Wabasca is one of Bent Arrows Resident Elders. She offers Elder Support and various teachings.

Much like other cultures, ‘The Drum’ in the indigenous culture represents the universal heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Elder Isabel Arcand from the Alexander First Nation sits down with Bent Arrow to give us a teaching on the Cree Language.

At Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, traditional medicines are intertwined with ceremony, teachings, and programming. Our resident Elder Tom Snow walks us through the different types of Medicine and their wide variety of uses.

We sit down with Executive Director of Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society Cheryl Whiskeyjack and she tells us all why they put cultural healing above all else.