Coyote Pride

Youth Mentoring Program

What is Coyote Pride Mentoring Program?

Coyote Pride is a free in-school program for Indigenous and non-indigenous youth who have the willingness to learn about the Indigenous Culture and Teachings.

The children and youth will participate in Indigenous cultural activities, teachings, and ceremonies with mentors provided Coyote Pride.

In this group mentoring, Mentors and children meet once per week in a group over the lunch hour at our partnering schools. The primary goal for our program is to promote healthy Indigenous cultural development of children and youth, our mentors will encourage a healthy lifestyle, support them in achieving their educational goals and guide them in learning how to be proud of whom they are as Indigenous People.

How does Coyote Pride work?

Coyote Pride Mentoring Program hires mentors through an extensive hiring process.

Mentors and Mentees meet once a week for one hour over the school lunch hour to bond with the youth.

We are presently partnering with the following Edmonton Public Schools:

  • Prince Charles School
  • Belmead School
  • Sherwood School
  • Brightview School
  • Athlone School
  • Inglewood School
  • John A. Macdougall School
  • Norwood School

How to become a Mentor?