Warriors Way Team Lead

The Team Lead for Warriors Way program will be required to work within a cross-functional team to ensure the outcomes of this program is being met in a variety of ways. This position will require building and fostering positive and effective partner and community relationships. This position will be required to meet administrative duties, community partnership duties, and oversee staff in the Warriors Way program.

Warriors Way team will be required to work from 2 locations – Edmonton Police Headquarters and Bent Arrow. The Team Lead will be expected to manage staff from both locations and ensure they are adhering to Bent Arrow policies and procedures. This includes ensuring that staff on evening and weekends shifts are maintaining safety protocols set in place by the project and Bent Arrow’s working alone policy.

The responsibility of the Team Lead is to ensure the program objectives and outcomes are being met as per the direction from the Program Coordinator; partnerships continue collaborate and grow; and staff are provided with the support they require to fulfill their duties so we can effectively meet the needs of the people we serve.

As Team Lead, your key responsibilities and duties will include, but not limited to the following:

ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES include but are not limited to the following:

  • Generate monthly Bent Arrow reports, Public Safety reports, EPS weekly highlights, and ensure they contain the most current and correct information/data and are submitted on time.
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the program
  • Ensure all staff are keeping up to date client virtual and hardcopy files that are organized and has current and valid client information and conduct monthly file audits
  • Attend monthly Supervision with your Program Coordinator
  • Conduct documented monthly supervision with your Warriors Way staff
  • Ensure project objectives and outcomes are being met
  • Responsible for ensuring staff are developing and complying with professional time management as per Bent Arrows Policy and Procedures.
  • Ensure staff are submitting correct and timely Payment Authorizations
  • Responsible for developing professional time management, ensure that all reports are correct and submitted on time to the Program Coordinator.
  • Ensure the Program Coordinator is aware of any challenges, issues, and successes within the project
  • Notify your Program Coordinator of any crisis and ensure a Critical Incident Report (CIR) is complete and submitted to your Program Coordinator and the Deputy Director.
  • May be required to attend orientation and other appropriate courses & training
  • Record and report all staffing challenges and issues as they arise to your Program Coordinator and HR as required
  • Ensure your timesheet is signed by your Program Coordinator and submitted on the or before the required submission date.
  • Notify your Program Coordinator of sick days, vacation, wellness, and any other days that require approval.
  • Cover off for the Program Coordinator for sick time, vacation, wellness days, and any other time off
  • Expectation and accountabilities of this position may be revised as necessary
  • Other duties as required by your Program Coordinator

COMMUNITY PARTNERS duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Coordinate with Edmonton Police Services (EPS), and community agencies pursue safer and healthier lives for the clients we serve.
  • Establish, collaborate, and build positive working relationship with partners and funders
  • Work with community agencies in better meeting the needs of the clients and their families.
  • Establish working relationships with community agencies who provide services to the clients the program serves.
  • Ensure partner reports (highlights) are being submitted on the required due date and contain relevant information
  • Maintain effective cross-functional relationships with staff, colleagues, and partners
  • Attending leadership meetings and other linked agencies
  • Expectation and accountabilities of this position may be revised as necessary
  • Other duties as required by your Program Coordinator

SUPERVISION OF EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Create a safe, secure and supportive environment which respects the staff and his/her right to a safe and supportive work environment.
  • Provide evening cover off and crisis response on an as needed basis (flex time is to be recorded) and as approved by your Program Coordinator
  • Directly supervise Warriors Way staff and provide on-going direction, support, and guidance.
  • Interview and hire for available positions within your projects.
  • Provide and supervise training plans for new staff who are hired in your program.
  • Communicate and include HR in staffing challenges, issues, and concerns along with your Program Coordinator and Manager.
  • Assist in creating a safe, secure and supportive environment which respect to the participant and his/her right to participate in all decisions affecting them.
  • Ensure your staff timesheets are submitted and approved as per the required submission dates
  • Support the staff in developing crisis intervention and safety planning when working in the community with participants.
  • Provide direction to staff (in some cases your direct involvement may be required) for advocacy to ensure basic needs of participants are being met.
  • Oversee cross training for staff under your direct supervision and ensure all staff are cross trained in their respective programs.
  • Respect and ensure the projects are meeting the various cultural needs of the participants.
  • Provide guidance and support to the staff so they can make effective referrals for participant on issues related to health, family, addictions, justice, education, employment, recreation and housing.
  • Ensure and encourage your team to attend orientation and other agency events/functions
  • Work effectively with all members of your Team. 
  • Responsible to provide leadership for on-going direction, guidance, and supervision of staff under your direct supervision.
  • Work effectively with all other supervisors on the leadership team.
  • Provide a supportive environment where staff have opportunity to learn and grow within their positions and the project as a whole, including professional development training/workshops.
  • Expectation and accountabilities of this position may be revised as necessary
  • Other duties as required by your Program Coordinator

As our projects continue to grow there is an expectation that your duties can change on an as needed basis and will evolve with the programs under your supervision.

Closing Date: Posting will be open until suitable candidate is found

How To Apply: You can send your resume to hr@bentarrow.ca 

COVID-19 Notice: Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society has implemented a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination. Employees who cannot be fully vaccinated on the basis of a protected legal ground (e.g. medical, religious) may request an exemption. Please note that this policy applies to all employees, including new hires, and volunteers. If your application is successful, you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination or request an exemption.