Nikihk Aboriginal Housing First

The principle of “Housing First” is that every person has the right to a safe and secure home.  Our objective is to partner with Homeward Trust in opening doors and building hope for thousands of Edmontonians, ultimately realizing our goals of ending homelessness.

The goal of this initiative is to:

  • assist Aboriginal individuals and families in securing safe, affordable, appropriate, and permanent housing,
  • develop a plan to identify challenges and strengths, and
  • provide resources and set goals.

We walk with our participants to create supportive community partnerships within Edmonton to foster the success of the participant.

Nikihk assists those who are experiencing absolute or episodic homelessness due to any of these circumstances:

  • without any physical shelter
  • ‘couch surfing’
  • frequently staying in emergency shelters
  • unable to maintain housing in one’s own name
  • moved three or more times in the past three years due to eviction
  • do not have adequate protection from the elements
  • lack access to safe water or sanitation
  • lack security and personal safety

Nikihk provides intense support for those experiencing any of the following barriers, and these have interfered with keeping stable housing:

  • addictions
  • legal issues
  • incarceration
  • lack of spiritual connection
  • mental health
  • basic life skills
  • managing debt
  • violence
  • abuse
  • health concerns – emotional, mental, physical
  • Children’s Services involvement
  • lack of education/employemnt