Healthy Families

Working together for our children’s future because what a child learns before the age of six lasts forever.”

Healthy Families Home Visitation

Healthy Families is a voluntary, long-term (3 – 5 years) home visitation program, which provides services to Aboriginal and non-aboriginal pregnant women and first-time parenting families in the Edmonton area.  Services can be started prenatally or before the baby turns 4 months old.

What can Healthy Families do for my family?

Healthy Families can provide new families with information and tips in the following areas:

  • prenatal care
  • healthy child growth and development
  • positive ways to interact with your baby
  • enhancing family functioning
  • improving support systems

What can Healthy Families do for my baby?

Your Home Visitor will show you ways to care for your new baby and answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with information about child development and how to have positive interactions between you and your child.

Where does this take place?

Your Home Visitor will visit you in your home or a place of your choice.  Our Alberta Health Services Nurse is also available to answer any questions you may have.

What will my Home Visitor do for me?

Your Home Visitor can:

  • Offer prenatal support
  • Provide you with current information on parenting strategies
  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Work with your needs and build on your strengths
  • Help you work towards achieving your goals
  • Refer you to other programs and services when needed

Program Goals and Outcome

  • Increased support to parents, focusing on healthy growth and development of very young children, parenting skills, and family health and relationships
  • Children are free from abuse and neglect
  • Increased community capacity to deliver effective home visitation programs and other services

To find out more about Healthy Families, please contact us at (780) 481-3451.

Healthy Families Brochure (January 2017)