Kokomish House


Kokomish is a group care program established in 1996 that provides intermediate and long-term care to Aboriginal youth (12-17 years old) who are in the care of Children Services.

Kokomish means grandmother in the Ojibwa language. Using traditional Aboriginal perspectives and values, we provide our youth with supervision, guidance, life skill development, life space counseling, support, advocacy, recreation, cultural resources and programming. Most importantly, we provide our youth with a safe, caring, and accepting home.

At the House

Our youth attend ceremonies and events in the community, as well as those offered by Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society and other Edmonton community outreach programs. Kokomish collaborates with partners in justice, education, and Children Services.

At Kokomish, we do have rules, routines, and guidelines. However, we allow youth the space to grow and learn life lessons. We use community programs such as schools, sports teams, employment, hobbies/clubs, cultural groups, and recreation to support the development and care of our youth.

Budgeting, menu planning, meal preparation, health and safety, and time management are some examples of life skills that we offer on a daily basis. We also emphasize education as a means of realizing each youth’s goals and ambitions. Planning for independence is the ultimate objective.

For more information please e-mail kokomish@bentarrow.ca or use our contact form with the subject “Kokomish.”


Please contact Region 6 Child and Family Services Foster/Group Care Placement Unit at 780-427-1487.

*While our priority is to work with Aboriginal youth, we are open to referrals for non-Aboriginal youth as long as they meet the entrance criteria and are open to the traditional and cultural aspects of the program.