Community Connections Centre


Are you looking for housing or employment? Do you need cultural resources or counseling? Do you require information on community programs or other resources? Or do you want to access a computer, phone or fax? WE CAN HELP YOU!

The Aboriginal Community Connections Resource Centre is housed in Bent Arrow’s main office at Parkdale School (11648 – 85 Street, Edmonton).

The Centre is designed to connect Aboriginal people with cultural and community supports, employment opportunities, and more.

We maintain a calendar, a job board, and a cultural and community events board. Computers are available for people who want to do research or create and/or update a resume.

Types of information include

– job listings or job fairs
– housing listings
– community events
– community program calendars
– newsletters

Our staff, resources and applications are available to assist and help you plan for continuing education, finding and applying for housing, connecting with children’s or youth recreational programs, and in seeking cultural supports and programs.

The Community Connections Centre’s staff can

– provide supported referrals to other agencies
– work with families and individuals in identifying issues
– advocate on behalf of families in the areas of Justice, Education, Landlord and Tenant, Health and Children’s Services, etc.
– offer traditional teachings about values, beliefs, ceremonies, and an increased pride in their culture
– providing cultural advisors and elders who support and attend the program
– coordinate an Advisory Committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the program

When and Where is the Centre?

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society
Parkdale School
Main Floor, 11648 – 85 Street
Edmonton, AB

Hours of Operation are:
Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 4:00pm
*Closed for lunch

Funded through the City of Edmonton Family & Community Support Services in partnership with Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society.