Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society has collaborated with community agencies and organizations since its inception. Today, the organization’s network of partners continues to expand within Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and beyond. At Bent Arrow, we believe that we are all ultimately working towards the same goals of peace, health and wellness, quality of life, and success for individuals and families. Bent Arrow is committed to working with others to maximize our positive impact. If you would like to partner with Bent Arrow or you have some ideas to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Boyle Street Community Services


Boyle Street Community Services’ mission is to “build and provide community support for people with multiple barriers to community inclusion.” Founded in 1971 with the support of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, Boyle Street started as a street-front agency called the “Co-op” in Edmonton’s inner city. Since then, through assertive outreach, client-centered case management, and hands-on problem solving, Boyle Street has helped many marginalized and high-risk people meet basic needs, develop skills, and engage with the community.

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Boyle Street Aboriginal Services


Boyle Street Aboriginal Services (BSAS) is a recently incorporated non-profit Aboriginal organization that works closely with Boyle Street Community Services (Boyle Street) to provide and enhance cultural and community development services to Aboriginals and their families who are living on the street or in poverty in Edmonton. Over 70% of the clients that Boyle Street serves are Aboriginal. Consequently, Aboriginal staff took the initiative to make Boyle Street’s Aboriginal programming more explicit.  BSAS and Boyle Street are separate entities that work closely to ensure that Aboriginal people continue to receive culturally appropriate services and enhanced services as efforts are more targeted towards the needs of Aboriginal people.

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Edmonton & Area Child & Family Services Authority


Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA) is one of 10 Regional Authorities that works on behalf of the Ministry of Alberta Human Services and in partnership with the communities served, to plan and deliver a range of services to children, youth and families in the greater Edmonton area and surrounding counties of Leduc, Parkland, Strathcona, Sturgeon and East Yellowhead.

Focus is on:

Prevention: promoting the development and well-being of children, youth and families
Preservation and Protection: keeping children, youth and families safe and protected
Partnerships: promoting healthy communities for children, youth and families

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Chimo Youth Retreat Centre


Chimo is a place where youth can learn all kinds of skills, and get the information and tools to help them succeed as young adults.  In 1970 Chimo was founded as a private, non-profit society. The original mandate for the group care program was to provide interim care for youth in the Edmonton area. Over the years, as the needs of the community have grown and changed, the mandate, services and programs of the Chimo Youth Retreat Centre have kept pace. Programs include housing, training, and day programs.

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Alberta Health Services


Alberta Health Services (AHS) is the single health authority for the Canadian Province of Alberta. Alberta Health Services delivers medical care on behalf of the Government of Alberta’s Department of Health and Wellness through 400 facilities throughout the province, including hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities, mental health facilities and community health sites, while providing a variety of programs and services.

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Edmonton Public Schools


Edmonton Public Schools is the largest public school district in Edmonton. The district offers a variety of alternative and special needs programs, and many are offered in multiple locations to improve accessibility for students. As a public system, Edmonton Public Schools accepts all students who meet age and residency requirements.

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City of Edmonton


We are a team committed to enhancing the quality of life for our residents. We are inspired by a shared vision and a certainty that our City on a river is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. Edmonton is alive with energy and boundless opportunity. We are a growing economic powerhouse where business thrives and more than a million lives enjoy the freedom to explore, experiment, experience, excel and expect the most out of every day. A place like no other, Edmonton is filled with surprises great and small and a calendar packed with artistic, sporting, theatrical and cultural celebration.

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Edmonton Police Services


Today, the EPS is better trained, better educated and more diverse than at any other time in history. Our technological capabilities allow officers and support staff to be better equipped and intelligence-led when problem solving and dealing with day-to-day responsibilities. In partnership with our citizens, we will build safe communities through leadership and policing excellence.

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Edmonton’s Food Bank


Each month, more than 15,000 people receive hampers from Edmonton’s Food Bank or one of the over 190 agencies, churches or food depots with which we are affiliated. The Food Bank also distributes more than 300,000 meals and snacks each month. Approximately 40 per cent of clients served are children under 18.

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Edmonton Homeward Trust


Homeward Trust Edmonton is a not for profit organization that uses a community-based approach toward the goal of ending homelessness in Edmonton. Our primary role is to coordinate responses to housing needs by working together with local agencies and all orders of government.

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Service Canada (Funder)


Service Canada was created in 2005 to improve the delivery of government programs and services to Canadians, by making access to them faster, easier, and more convenient.

Service Canada offers single-window access to a wide range of Government of Canada programs and services for citizens through more than 600 points of service located across the country, call centres, and the Internet.

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership


The seeds of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) were planted in 2001 when several community agencies and what was then Alberta Children’s Services began working together to develop a provincial body to promote mentoring in Alberta. In 2002, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership was created and, with a very modest budget, set to work creating a strategic plan, conducting research and creating profile..

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